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We specialize nationwide, in the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of lightning conductors,  for the past 17 years to protect: thatch roof, tile roofs and concrete residential homes (zinc roofs), according to SABS and SANS standards.

We also install Three Face and Single Face Surge Protection for any sensitive equipment in residential homes, factories and buildings, to give you peace of mind when lightning strikes occurs.

Certificates are issues upon installation or maintenance of the LPS.

The installation of mast (poles, lightning conductors), to protect thatched roofs, are issued to reduce the inherent dangers of the risks, due to lightning flashes. The aging of the thatch, is often covered with loose fibers, (e.g. Grass), which are easily ignitable! In the event of possible damp thatches, flammable grasses can also be involved. The presence of metals in or on the thatch, reinforced concrete structures, could give risk to sparking inside the thatch, with a resulting fire risk.


Our SABS and SANS tested lighting protection systems (LPS), are used to protect a space, against the effects of structural strikes and lightning protection systems. An air termination system that consists of one or more masts that cover the structure, or area, to be protected with appropriate shielding angle and that will successfully intercept lightning strikes.


All LPS (conductors) masts are manufactured from “A Grade”, galvanized steel tubing.

We build masts frim 16m up to 30m.

“A Grade” earth spikes are used from 16mm x 1.5, and brass clamps.

3 x 35mm earth copper cables will be used in earthing systems.

Chicken claw, ring earth, earth mats or crowfoot earthing can be used, depending on the soil formation.

Certificates of compliance will be issues on completion of installations.

No lightning conductor will be installed, closer than 1 meter from any structure.

Earth resistance readings below 10: Ohms achieved, with an earth resistance tester.

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