Lightning Pole Design

The true purpose of a Lightning Pole Design is often misunderstood. Many believe the myth that lightning poles “attract” lightning… The lightning pole design system is designed to be an excellent conductor and thus allows the lightning current to flow to a safe earth without causing heat and other types of damage that can be avoided using a proper lightning and surge protection system. Lightning can “jump around” when it strikes.

lightning pole is a metal based rod mounted on a structure with the intention to protect the structure from a lightning strikes. The main attribute common to all lightning rods is that they are all made of conductive materials like: copper and aluminum.

There is not any reason why lightning poles are not added to houses and other buildings as standard… However, most of the taller buildings and structures do feature some kind of lightning protection system.

Although proper lightning protection is not a legal requirement for all types of buildings and structures, it is advised to consider installing lightning and surge protection to avoid and reduce the risk of lightning enduced damage to your property and equipment… All newly installed electrical mains systems require surge protection for cases of indirect lightning strikes.

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