Lightning Protection and Surge Protection for Homes

Lightning Protection and Surge Protection for Homes is vitally important to reduce the risk of damage to your homes and other properties that is often overlooked.

A surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric appliance by blocking or shorting electrical currents and reduce the voltage to a safe threshold. Surge protectors for homes can be in power strips used inside, or a device outside at the power panel.

How can Lightning protection and surge protection for homes reduce your risks? Anything that is of an electronic design and nature in your home is at risk of damage from a lightning strike. The sudden surge of power through the electrical system of your house can easily destroy appliances like: computers, televisions, Sound systems and many other types of electronics. It can also damage your larger electrical appliances such as refrigerators. A strike doesn’t have to contact your home directly to cause damage.

If you know that your house has just been hit by direct lightning, call the local fire department as quickly as possible. It is quite common for lightning strikes to start fires in unprotected homes. A cloud-to-ground lightning bolt’s main objective is to find the path of least resistance from the cloud to the ground.

Although lightning itself can‘t directly strike you in the housethe electrical energy produced by a lightning strike can travel through the conductive surfaces such as wiring and plumbing inside your house. If you do happen to touch one of theses conductive surfaces (like a corded telephone or shower) you can be electrocuted. this is why Lightning Protection and Surge Protection for Homes is so important.

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