LPS Lightning Protection Services

We provide LPS Lightning protection services designed to transfer the dangerous lightning currents safely to the ground. These LPS systems includes the following: air termination, down conductors and an earth termination systems which are more commonly known as a lightning protection grounding system that is intended to provide a low resistance path to dissipate high current into the soil.

Not all areas of the country are as susceptible to lightning strikes, and not all structures require a lightning protection system. Although it is not a requirement by law, there is no good reason not to have a proper LPS installed at your property to reduce the risk of electrical and fire damage caused by a lightning strike.

LPS Lightning Protection Services Testing. The Electricity at Work Regulations require that lightning protection systems are tested on a regular basis. This standard systems should be tested at maximum intervals of once every 12 months.

Why is LPS Lightning Protection Services so important? The function of an external LPS Lightning Protection System is to intercept, conduct and disperse the dangerous energy of a lightning strike safely to the earth. Step and touch voltages generated from a lightning strike can cause serious injury, or even in the worst cases the loss of life to humans and animals in the close vicinity.

The difference between an earthing system and a lightning arrester is: An earthing system is the act of creating a low impedance path to ground. Lightning arresters essentially short out current surges when they exceed some threshold voltage, therefore protecting equipment from the full lightning surge.

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