Supply and installation of lightning conductors

Lightning King is a well-established lightning protection company that offers a wide range of lightning protection services:

  • Lightning protection system design
  • Installation of lightning conductors and lightning protection systems
  • Upgrading of your lightning protection systems
  • Earthing and grounding solutions
  • Supply of lightning conductors
  • Surge protection systems

We take pride in providing our clients with quality supply and installation of lightning conductors and other lightning protection services at the best prices.

Lightning protection (we supply and installation of lightning conductors) is essential to protect your building from lightning strikes. It helps intercept, conduct and disperse lightning strikes safely to an earth. We offer reliable, effective and safe lightning protection solutions to customers across South Africa.

We can then recommend the correct level of protection that your building needs. Lightning protection generally comprises of a roof network, down conductors, and a ground network. In a new installation the rebars are generally used as internal down conductors. These form the equivalent of a Faraday cage which provides external protection for the building. Where a building is already erected external down conductors are installed in place. Surge protection is internal lightning protection and will protect sensitive electrical equipment inside the building. Primary protection is fitted from the mains incomer. Secondary protection is also available.

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