Complete Lightning Protection System

The term ‘Complete Lightning Protection System’ refers to a variety of different products and devices, ranging from lightning rods to surge protectors inside the home. A reputable installer should be hired to install your Complete Lightning Protection System because not all solutions are created equal. Furthermore, you must do some research to determine which plug-and-play device will provide the best protection if you decide to use plug-and-play devices.

A complete lightning protection system consists of a network of air terminals, bonding conductors, and ground electrodes designed to provide a low impedance path to the ground. Lightning protection systems prevent structures from being damaged by lightning.

Do lightning protection systems protect buildings from lightning strikes?

This voltage can be intercepted by a lightning rod, which allows lightning current to travel safely through the ground. In addition to providing a direct path to ground in the event of a lightning strike, lightning rods can protect your home from fire, explosions, and electrical surges.

How does lightning protection benefit my home?

Lightning protection systems do not stop lightning from striking a structure; rather, they intercept lightning bolts, provide an electrical path for the destructive discharges to follow (by using copper or aluminum wires listed by UL), and disperse the energy safely.

Electric power transmission systems and telecommunication networks are protected from lightning damage by lightning arresters (also called lightning arrestors).

If you do not have a complete lightning protection system in place, what happens to your home?

Thunder indicates the presence of lightning, so there is a risk of disaster when lightning strikes without preparation and protection. Lightning can damage electrical components and systems even if a house doesn’t directly catch on fire. Furthermore, extensive damage can occur to the inside as well as the outside of the property, including the roof and chimneys. You should prevent lighting damage at all costs.

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