Lightning Poles for Thatch Roofs

Thatch roofs are constructed using a wire mesh to secure and strengthen the bundles of thatch in place, although this is a strong and sturdy method there is something to address: Lightning Poles for Thatch Roofs. When lightning strike a thatch roof the energy flow though the wire mesh generating a lot of heat which can set the roof on fire! That type of damage can be avoided by installing proper lightning poles for thatch roofs. Damages caused by lightning to these structures that are not protected by proper LPS Conductors can be devastating not to mention the extreme high risk of injury and in severe cases the loss of life. By installing the correct Lightning poles for Thatch Roofs you can avoid these disasters and hugely decrease the risk of lightning damage so that you can rest assured that you are protected.

Thatch roofs and thatched lapas are quite popular in South Africa, however if they are not protected against lightning they are more at risk to catching on fire because of a lightning strike than any other type of roof. Because of this it is difficult and sometimes near impossible to get insured you are not properly protected against lightning damage.

The main and most effective measure for Lightning poles for Thatched structures against damage is considered to be the lightning protection system (LPS).  The design and location of the LPS should be carefully considered, enabling maximum advantage to be taken of the electrically conductive parts of the structure. The overall effectiveness of the LPS can be increased at minimum cost and effort by making use of the correct system for your property. On New structures regular consultation and good communication between LPS Lightning Protection Company, architects and builders is essential in order to achieve the best result for your new building and ensuring maximum safety.

In the case where lightning protection will to be added to an existing structure, we will make every effort to ensure that it conforms to the principles SANS standards. The design of the type and placement of the LPS will be taken into account with the features and design of the existing structure.

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