Lightning Protection Contractor

For installation of lightning protection systems, choose a qualified Lightning Protection Contractor.

You should hire lightning protection contractor who specialize in your industry. There are countless natural disasters that force business owners to deal with inclement weather each year, including storms, heavy rains, and flooding. Lightning is often a part of these weather conditions, which can cause damage through direct and indirect strikes. A lightning protection system has become an essential element in protecting equipment, structures, and personnel in South Africa as lightning damage has become increasingly commonplace. What’s the best way to find lightning protection contractors for lightning protection installation and maintenance? Here are some tips for hiring lighting protection contractors.

Make sure the installation company has been certified. It doesn’t take only a night to learn the details of lightning protection. Many design intricacies are involved, such as understanding lightning, how energy travels and how to integrate applicable standards to guarantee a structure’s safety. Lightning protection is a gold standard in the industry. Professional certified installers can give customers peace of mind.

What SABS-approved components does the installation company install? An SABS listing symbol signifies that a product has been tested and verified by industry experts as being properly manufactured and designed. SABS-approved components must always be used by lightning protection contractors. Residential components are often used by installers. Systems developed by Lightning King are SABS-certified components of industrial quality. Make sure to use industrial quality components for industrial installations.

Obtain several quotes. Some will come at a lower cost, so business owners may be exploring other technologies and systems. Comparing quotes, you will find that their method of reducing costs is to disregard essential design requirements, such as bonding equipment, or to provide lower quality parts. A comparison of similar technologies and applications is also crucial. When it comes to safety it is sometimes worth it to spend a little bit more on higher quality protection.

Three-pronged approach to lightning protection. In order to effectively protect your property from direct and indirect lightning strikes, a lightning protection system needs to be designed and installed properly. The most effective solution sometimes involves listening to customers, determining where the damage is occurring or which critical equipment is affected, and then applying the most appropriate remedy. For example, bonding and grounding may be used, as well as surge suppression and structural lightning protection. If we apply one or more of these three approaches, or both, lightning damage can sometimes be controlled.

Lightning King offers the highest quality lightning protection services. Lightning King specializes in the installation of surge protection and lightning protection systems. Quality is our top priority. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for lightning and surge protection system design, installation, or support services.

Contact us for quality lightning and surge protection services and products.

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