Lightning Protection Devices

Lightning protection devices are a term that refers to a variety of different products and systems, ranging from lightning rods to surge protection strips inside the house, in other words a general term for many solutions. You should seek out a reputable installer to help with the installation of your lightning protection device, as not all lightning protection devices are created equal. If you opt for plug-and-pay solutions, you must also do some research to determine which products will provide the best protection.

Does lightning protection prevent buildings from being struck by lightning?

Lightning rods intercept this voltage, allowing lightning current to travel safely into the ground. Thunder rods don’t make your home less likely to be struck by lightning, but instead allow your home to be protected from fire, explosions, and electrical surges by providing a direct path to ground in the event of a strike.

What is the effectiveness of lightning protection?

A lightning protection device does not prevent lightning from striking the structure; rather, it intercepts a flash of lightning, provides a path for the damaging electrical discharge to follow (the appropriate UL-listed copper or aluminum wire), and disperses its energy safely into the ground.

In electric power transmission and telecommunication systems, lightning arresters (alternative spelling lightning arrestor) protect the insulation and conductors of the system from the damaging effects of lightning.

If you do not have the right lightning protection devices installed in your home, what happens?

Thunder indicates the presence of lightning, and lightning carries the potential for disaster without proper preparation and protection. It is possible for lightning to cause tremendous damage to a house’s electrical components and systems, even if the house does not catch fire directly. Along with roof shingles and chimneys, extensive damage can be caused to the property and surrounding areas, not to mention those inside. Protecting the property from lightning damage is crucial.

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