Lightning Protection Products

Lightning protection products is a term that covers a lot of different devices and system ranging from lightning poles to surge protection strips inside the house, in other words a general term for a variety of solutions. Not all lightning protection products are created equal and we would highly recommend that you make use of a trusted installer to help work on your lightning protection solution. Alternatively for plug and pay solutions some research is also required to make the best informed decision on which products can offer optimum protection.

What protection products are used to prevent lightning from hitting buildings?

This voltage is intercepted by lightning rods, providing a safe path into the ground for lightning current. Lightning rods do not decrease the likelihood of your home being struck, but rather provide a direct path to ground, preventing damage to your home from fire, explosion, and electrical surges.

Does lightning protection really work?

It should be noted that lightning protection systems do not prevent lightning from striking the structure; rather, they intercept a lightning strike, provide a path for the harmful electrical discharge to follow (the appropriate UL-listed copper or aluminum wire), and disperse the energy safely into the ground.

What happens if lightning strikes your house without the right lightning protection products installed?

Thunder signals the presence of lightning, and lightning is a potential for disaster if you are not prepared and protected. When Lightning strikes a house, even if it does not directly catch fire, it can cause tremendous damage to its electrical components and systems, which may set it ablaze. In addition to roof shingles and chimneys, it can cause extensive damage to the property and surroundings not to mention those who are inside the building. Proper lightning protection systems can help avoid the risk of these damages.

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