Lightning protection rods

Lightning protection rods (and the accompanying lightning protection system) are designed to stop disasters like fires caused as a result of a lightning strike from starting. Lighting protection rods and systems do not stop lightning from striking a structure, but rather intercept the unwanted and dangerous lightning strike, and provide a safe conduit for hazardous electrical discharges to follow (UL-listed copper or aluminum cable), and safely disperse the energy into the ground (grounding network) and avoid the damages in a safe and reliable manner. A proper connection (bonding) of these components is of utmost importance in order to minimize the possible risks of sparks to form or side flashes that may result in damages or injury.

A complete lightning protection rod system prevents the harm from electrical power surges and the possibility of fires caused by lightning that enters a building or other structure through the electrical wires and plumbing pipes of the property. Lightning protection rods can properly prevent a structure from a direct lightning strike and reduce your risk for damages, injury and in severe cases, death. Moreover, a complete protection solution would be combining a proper lightning protection system with a reliable surge protection system for both the incoming power and data lines; as well as all the connected devices on the grid to safeguard the vulnerable devices and appliances in the building. There may also be a need for proper lightning protection especially for properties with gas lines.

Lightning rod protection systems must comply with national safety standards and requirements, this is only one of the many reasons why it is important to make sure that you make use of professional installers – this will not only provide you with a safe and reliable solution but also give you the peace at mind that you are well protected and that your LPS lightning protection system will not cause issues with your insurance. By contacting a professional in the market you can also be certain that your system can be maintained and upgraded if the building expands and more protection is needed.

Lightning protection rods (along with the associated assembly consisting of an earth connection and a ground rod) have no good reason not to be routinely installed in houses. The majority of high buildings and other structures do, however, incorporate some form of lightning protection.

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