Lightning Protection Solutions

There are many different lightning protection solutions that range from lightning rods to surge protectors inside the house, so the term ‘lightning protection solutions’ refers to a variety of different products and devices. It is best to hire a reputable installer to handle the installation of your lightning protection solution, since not all lightning protection solutions are created equal. You must also conduct some research to determine which plug-and-play device will provide the best protection if you decide to use plug-and-play devices.

Are buildings protected from lightning strikes with lightning protection?

A lightning rod intercepts this voltage, allowing lightning current to travel through the ground safely. Lightning rods don’t reduce the likelihood of lightning striking your home, but they do provide a direct path to ground in case of a strike, therefore protecting your home from fire, explosions, and electrical surges.

What are the advantages of lightning protection?

In a lightning protection system, lightning is not prevented from striking the structure; rather, it intercepts a lightning bolt, provides a path for the damaging electrical discharge to follow (the UL-listed copper or aluminum wire), and disperses its energy safely into the ground.

Lightning arresters (also known as lightning arrestors) are used to protect the insulation and conductors of electric power transmission systems and telecommunication networks against damage caused by lightning.

What happens to your home if you do not have the right lightning protection solutions in place?

There is a risk of disaster when lightning occurs without proper preparation and protection, and thunder indicates the presence of lightning. Even if a house does not directly catch fire, lightning can damage its electrical components and systems. In addition to roof shingles and chimneys, extensive damage can occur to the property and surrounding areas, as well as those inside. Lighting damage should be prevented at all costs.

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