Lightning Rod Installation

Lightning Rod Installation is a vital part in the lightning protection system of your property. By having the installation done by certified professionals you can be sure that your system will give you the optimum protection against the damages caused by lightning strikes. You can benefit hugely by inversing in a proper Lightning Rod Installation.

The Rod Installation in houses (and the associated ground rod and connection to Earth) is not routine – however it is something not only highly recommended by individuals, but also the insurance companies especially with houses featuring tall designs, wooden and thatched structures or complicated electronics. In most cases, however, buildings and other structures must have some sort of Lightning Rod Installation or lightning protection system.

Lightning rods (and the associated protection systems) protect a house or building from direct lightning strikes and, in particular, lightning-induced fires. Unlike the name implies, Lightning Rod Installation systems do not prevent lightning from striking the structure, rather they intercept lightning strikes, provide a conductive path to follow for the harmful electrical discharge (the UL-listed copper or aluminum cable), and disperse the energy into the ground (grounding network). In order to avoid sparks or side flashes, it’s very important that these components are connected properly (bonded).

Lightning Rod Installation: Should You Have One? Installing a lightning protection system is a wise personal decision, however it is not a legal requirement in many cases. The effects of a lightning strike can range from electrocution to fires to the destruction of electronics and in the worst cases loss of life. The real question you should be asking is if you really can afford not to have proper Lightning Rod Installation at your property and face the dangers and risks that comes with the decision? Lightning Rod Installation is an easy and affordable solution to avoid the risks and dangers that comes with lightning strike.

An electrical surge and fire can occur if lightning enters a structure through wires and pipes, which is generally prevented with a complete lightning protection system. Lightning rods protect a structure from direct lightning strikes, but a complete system helps prevent harmful electrical surges and fires. Also included in a complete system is the protection of incoming power, data, and communications lines, and the protection of vulnerable appliances. There is also a possibility that gas piping will need to be protected from lightning.

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