Lightning Surge Protection for your Home

A general misconception is that lightning and surge protection for your home is the same system – it is not. These are two separate systems which does produce a powerful solution when combined. With both systems in place your risk is substantially less.

Using only the best quality products we have been protecting houses nationwide though out South Africa against lightning and power surges. Many valuable electronic equipment and appliances are protected by our systems against ‘dirty electricity’ spikes and lightning surges for over a decade without issues! We take pride in using and installing the best quality lightning and surge protection on the market with exceptional service and support.

By installing a good quality lightning and surge protection device would be highly recommended, for longevity so your electronic and computerized devices are protected properly. A high quality lightning and surge protection system is required to protect your house against the lightning damages and power surges that may occur circuit board. Our amazing systems and products protect your sensitive equipment from the damaging effects of power surges caused by unstable power grids, load-shedding and the much feared lightning strikes.

Stay one step ahead of the lightning surges and dirty power by installing proper lightning and surge protection systems to safeguard your electronic devices, priceless data and online gaming going without loss. Gaming is a massive market and gaining popularity at a constant base, which means that expensive and sensitive gaming equipment is purchased and should have lightning and surge protection.

Lightning and Surge Protection for Refrigerator and Freezers are essential parts of our daily lives and are appliances we simply cannot live without. Refrigerators also feature solid state components, in the same way as computers and other sensitive electronics that can also easily be damaged by lightning and power surges if they unprotected. But don’t forget about your washing mashine and dishwasher, these might nnot be essential to your house but is does drastically affect your quality of living. These machines migh be generally big and robust but their electronics are quite similar to those used in your television.

Most South African houses feature some kind of security and/or alarm system to ensure that the occupants and items inside is protectant against criminals and unwanted guests, but is your alarm system protected? Lightning and surge protection is something we think about when it comes to our everyday consumer items, bur your security is of utmost importance and should also be well protected. We also do lightning and surge protection for your alarm system, CCTV with cameras, electric fencing, LED spot lights because your safety is very important.

Lightning and surge protection for your home pool pumps and watering systems are often overlooked as it is mostly out of sight – the repairs for these systems however is not something that can be overlooked as it is quite expensive.

If you need any information, quotation or have any questions regarding lightning and surge protection for your Home, please contact us.

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