LPS Lightning Protection Prices

Because of the difference in quality of installers, LPS Lightning Protection Prices vary from supplier to supplier. In order to ensure that our clients are safe, satisfied and well protected, we provide lightning and surge protection solutions at a reasonable price. Natural disasters involving lightning are among the most hazardous that can cause property damage. Aside from the costs in fixing and replacing the damages caused by a lightning strike, the loss of life is the worst possible outcome and irreversible – and compared to the risks, LPS Lightning Protection Prices are an investment every homeowner should strongly consider.

Lightning can produce more than 100 million Volt Amps. Positive electrical charges will propagate upward from any grounded object. During a lightning strike, these currents create a channel of plasma air for lightning to travel through. When lightning strikes, high voltage current will always take the path of least resistance to ground. When lightning strikes a structure, a lightning protection system (LPS) can reduce the damage caused by the strike by providing a low-resistance path to ground for the lightning to follow. Lightning protection systems do not attract lightning, and cannot disperse lightning, they merely prevent lightning from passing through building materials itself, protecting from fire and structural damage. High-altitude buildings, buildings on hilltops or on hillsides, buildings in isolated places, and tall towers and chimneys suffer the most damage.

When designing a construction project, LPS Lightning Protection Prices should be considered. In order to avoid serious damage, the architecture should ensure that even when lightning strikes the structure first, the high voltage currents will be drawn into the LPS before serious damage occurs. With an LPS Lightning protection system, you can design it so that it uses parts of the building that can safely handle large current loads, and draws energy from the parts that can’t. LPSs should prevent side flashes between objects by designing and installing them properly. Maintaining an electrical connection between objects allows any differences in electric potential between them to be zeroed, allowing for simultaneous voltage changes. The absence of proper grounding renders LPSs ineffective since the energy from the strike cannot be dispersed safely. Utility suppliers often provide additional grounding.

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