Professional Lightning Rod Installation

The Lightning King team will provide you with a professional lightning rod installation that will ensure you are protected from unexpected lightning strikes. By installing this protection system, lightning electricity will not be drawn directly to your building. Instead, it will be drawn to the rod, then transferred through a series of cables into the ground.

The Lightning rod installation process. The property will be inspected and measurements of the roof and foundation will be taken before installation begins. After that, we will create a design layout and provide a detailed estimate. We will begin the installation by attaching the air terminal to the roof. A ground rod that we will bury ten feet underground will be used to connect the air terminal and copper cables. In order to avoid compromising the aesthetics of the building, we will do our best to conceal the protection system as much as possible.

Where is lightning rod installation the most effective? It is true that lightning can strike near almost anywhere. However, there are some places where lightning rod systems are most helpful. For starters, homes and businesses that are in an area with high lightning strike numbers should seriously consider installing a protection system. In areas with expansive flat land, the chances of lightning strikes are greater for houses on mountaintops, near bodies of water like Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, and over homes located near large bodies of water.

In addition to lightning rod installation (and the accompanying protection systems), lightning rods can also help prevent fires that start as a result of lightning strikes. Systems that protect from lightning and lightning rods reduce lightning’s harmful electricity by intercepting lightning strikes.

For my home, do I need to install a lightning rod? Lighting protection is not a legal necessary for most residential properties. Nevertheless, if you are in an area where lightning is often struck then a lightning rod and lightning protection make sense: You live in an area with a high rate of lightning strikes. You should install a lightning rod when you have a high-rise home or trees close to the structure or also live in an area that has a high rate of lightning strikes.

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