Protect Against Power Surges at Home

It can be extremely costly to fix computer and major appliance damage caused by power surges and it is thus important to protect against power surges at home. There can be a large surge that causes substantial damage, but there will be many small surges lasting a microsecond or less that you may not even be aware of.

A power surge occurs when voltage races through your electrical circuits unexpectedly. As a result, your system and all of its connected devices draw too much electricity, even if they are not turned on. The voltage rate suddenly jumps during a power surge. If you do not protect against Power Surges at Home you have a very high risk of suffering damages to your equipment.

Protect against Power Surges also includes the following: Generators, lines, transformers, monitoring points, and circuits work together to provide your home with an even and dependable flow of electricity – each of them a potential site of power surges.

To best Protect against Surges at Home, install a whole-home surge protection system, coupled with surge protector power strips to protect your home from internal surges. A surge protector is a simple and most inexpensive way to prevent power surges in the home. Plug expensive appliances, computers and TVs into a surge protector. The most cost-effective way to protect yourself from power surges is to install a whole-home surge protection system. Unplugging major electronics, including appliances, televisions, and computers, is a simple way to protect your home from power surges during a storm. The heavy-duty surge protectors installed on the main panel protect your entire home, rather than individual devices.

Detecting a power surge. An electrical surge can burn electrical circuits and lines, leaving a burnt smell. Are the lights flickering or has your monitor or TV suddenly become brighter? A blinking clock or a system reset. The surge can trip circuit breakers, preventing further device damage or even a fire. The ability to detect a surge is one of the most important electrical safety tips. When power surges or stops, some devices go into rest mode.

Make sure both devices and outlets are free from damage, particularly if you see anything that might kindle a fire. Power surges can cause inconvenience, damage, and costs if left unattended. Most electronics are not damaged by these products, but you still want to prevent harm to your most expensive items. Your appliances and devices will last longer if you prevent power surges at home.

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