Protect your home from lightning

Inclusion of lightning rods to protect your home from lightning damage is not likely to attract lightning, nor are they likely to influence lightning formation. Lightning rods and lightning protection for homes do not prevent lightning or prevent thunderstorms from occurring, nor can they discharge them. Electronics and computers can be damaged by lightning even when lightning protection is installed in homes without proper surge protection.

Most well-developed surge protection systems will to protect your home from lightning surges and voltage spikes that may occur duting lightning strikes or unstable power gird, but not always from a close and direct lightning strike’s devastating, violent current burst and that is why lightning protection should be considered as a priority installation to any building. Despite the size of direct lightning current, it cannot be protected using even a hefty UPS or small electronic devices inside power strips.

There is not a reasonable reason why Lightning protection and the associated assembly (including a connection to the ground and a ground rod) are not routinely installed in homes. Nonetheless, most high buildings and other structures are equipped with some type of lightning protection system.

Most commonly experienced weather hazards are lightning and tornadoes. A lightning rod is recommended though if your home is very tall, you have trees taller than your home within 10 feet of the building, or live in a lightning-prone area.

What is the value of surge protection for the entire house? Without a doubt. Plug-in surge protectors cannot protect your entire home, so it is highly recommended that you invest in whole-home surge protection in order to protect your appliances and electronics.

Most businesses will have to comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (ref 7) regardless of whether lightning protection is a legal requirement. The installation of new electrical mains systems requires surge protection from indirect lightning strikes.

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