Residential Surge Protection

Residential surge protection is more important than ever! More businesses have their employees working from home – but to these home offices have sufficient surge protection? Modern electronics devices are very sensitive to surges and dips that occur as a result of the unstable power grid and lightning. Your risk for possible damage increases with ever connection to your network.

By ensuring that you have proper residential surge protection installed, you can cut your costs and risks of damages and repairs, downtime and data loss by ensuring a protected power supply and network inputs.

There really is no reason not to get proper surge protection installed. We have a lot of solutions to ensure that we meet and exceed the requirements of our client’s needs. If you live in an area with lots of thunderstorms, your gear is probably more likely to experience power surges. As a general rule, anything that plugs into a wall outlet can be destroyed by a power surge or lightning strike. And that even includes the little surge protectors that you buy from local stores as they are in most cases not “real surge protectors” that can handle larger spikes. Unfortunately not all surge protectors are created equally, and a number of manufacturers are not completely transparent about the limitations of their devices in the event of a lightning, power surges or unstable power supply.

Living with constant load shedding may not show the damaging effects on your devices instantly but in the long run you can find that the lifespan of your devices and appliances have been dramatically shortened – this can be avoided by installing the correct residential surge protection.

We also have a solution which offers a time delay before it returns the power to the appliances and device. This is a small but very important part of surge protection and the reason for this is quite simple – after a power outage the power grid is unstable and causes surges and spikes which can lead to a lot of damage, however with the time delay it give the grid time to stabilize before delivering power to the sensitive equipment.

Please contact us for residential surge protection for your house or home office.

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