Surge Protection for Appliances

Surge Protection for Appliances: South African have experiences a lot of thunderstorms, and that means that your risk for lightning damage to unprotected properties is much higher! We at Lightning King does not only provide the best lightning protection for your property but also have amazing solution to protect your appliances and sensitive equipment against the damaging effect of power surges. Surge protection for appliances is a must have in every building!

When lightning strikes an unprotected house, office or building it discharges a huge amount of electrical energy in the wiring which needs to be equalised and unfortunately the appliances is the easiest equaliser. These appliances are not build to withstand such large spikes or surges of energy and usually burn out and end up in the bin. But this is not all gloom and doom, we have a solution! Surge protection for your appliances and sensitive equipment will minimise the risk and ensure that you do not have to replace everything after a thunder storm.

There are many ways that lightning can affect your appliances if you do not have surge protection systems in place:

Even from a distance (few Km away) Lightning can strike the air conductors directly and surge voltages can enter into your electrical system. This surge voltage is then passed to ground through your equipment which can lead to damage or complete destruction of your equipment.

When lightning strikes an object, a building or structure high currents at fast wave fronts occur causing large electromagnetic fields which are then induced into your electrical and data communication cabling. Equalisation then occurs which could cause damage to your equipment.

When lightning strikes a structure or building a high voltage potential exists for the duration of the strike at the point of contact of the structure to the ground. Due to resistivity of the earth, decreasing voltage potentials will be experienced along the current paths moving away from this point. Should you have electronic equipment referenced to different earth systems while connected to each other via copper cables, equalisation will tend to occur via the copper cables resulting in equipment damage.

Luckily for you, We are on top of our game and able to provide you with the best surge protection for appliance on the market, our manufacturers are continually adapting and developing new products for affordable lightning and power surge protection, as well as effective power conditioning, so that you can rest assured, your appliances will be protected when lightning strikes!

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