Surge Protection for fibre data lines

Is Surge Protection for fibre data lines important? These days most telecommunications companies are investing in the latest fibre technology for much faster data speeds, and reducing the general downtime due to cable theft.  The new technology like routers, smart phones and cloud services are changing the way the world is going about doing business in a much more efficient way. More and more online meetings are in use today and therefore require stable and fast data lines.

Our solutions are specifically designed to protect your Routers and data connected devices as well as you precious Computer Equipment. The Surge Protection for fibre data lines will protect your devices from lightning strikes on the telecommunication lines which may occur even a few Km away.

Traditional PABX systems have turned into IP phones, or headsets now being used through the existing networks and computer systems. Cloud Computing is forever changing the way business’s use and spend money on IT infrastructure and even the way inwhich they conduct the day to day operations. Online storage became a good backup and sharing platform for office documentation. Video Conferencing is now the most popular and efficient platforms for business meetings. The list goes on, all made possible with faster internet technologies which needs to be protected by proper Surge Protection for fibre data lines!

Is fibre also going to save our equipment from surges and lightning strikes? While it’s true that an electrical surge cannot travel through a fibre cable, surges can still affect your network through other sources. Grid Power will continue to be supplied on copper cabling, so moving your telecommunications over to fibre, isn’t going to solve the problem entirely.

The unstable grid and any up-and-down power outages (like load shedding) leaves your equipment vulnerable unless you have Surge Protection systems in place.  Additionally, most business or small home networks still utilize Copper CAT5e or CAT6 copper cabling internally. A nearby lightning strikes can find some copper to move inside of and could easily cause inductions of electrical current and damage or completely ruin your equipment.

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