Surge Protection For Load Shedding

We have all experienced the frustrations of load shedding, but little do we know how much damage the surges cause to our sensitive equipment. The importance of proper surge protection for load shedding fluctuations is more important than ever – a lot of companies now a days are working from home which means that sensitive equipment is connected in most cases without the proper surge protection.

Unlike many devices available today, our products have internal temperature fuses that will disconnect the power to the protector in the event of overload or fault. This will ensure that ignition of the plastic housing will not take place. Indication either as a mechanical flag or electronic indicator will advise the user of the protection status. On the professional models, additional filtering has been included with visual and audible fault indication.

When Power utility companies reconnect power after Substation Faults or Load Shedding, there are often over and under voltage power conditions that can damage your valuable electronic equipment. It is important to have a system which will not only protect your equipment but also have a time delay to reduce the risk of unstable power supply in the time when the grid power is not on optimum level. Surge protection for load shedding includes thinking of these time delays prevents damage form power surges and dips (brownouts) caused by power shutdowns, and over and under-voltages from unstable power. The duration of these conditions is normally longer and can be especially damaging to air-conditioners and electronic motors running under load, and expensive electronic equipment.

Our Surge Protection for Load shedding solution disconnects the power altogether when these conditions occur and remains off for a few seconds giving the power feed time to stabilize.

Surge Protection For Load shedding devices used at home, office and workplace such as surge suppressors and stabilizers provide protection against power spikes that happens in milliseconds, mainly caused by unstable power grid and lightning. Protection capable of blocking severe lighting and power surges. The Surge Protection for Load shedding solution incorporates a fast overload and thermal device which will activate in Extreme conditions. Functional indication lamp display the protection status of the Power Tripconnect. Disconnects the power altogether when these conditions occur and remains off for a few seconds giving the power feed time to stabilize. The product is easy to use and LED indicators are provided.

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