Surge Protection Solution

A Surge Protection Solution prevents electrical devices from getting damaged by voltage spikes. In addition to limiting the voltage supplied to an electronic device, surge protectors keep unwanted voltage below a safe level by blocking or shorting any excess voltage to ground.

When the voltage reaches a certain level, Surge Protection Solutions re-route the extra energy through a pressure-sensitive valve. As normal, current flows through the device, but in the event of spikes or surges, it kicks in immediately and redirects the excess current. Surge protectors are devices or appliances intended to protect electrical devices against voltage spikes in alternating current circuits. A voltage spike, which can increase voltage by over 1,000 volts in a matter of milliseconds, is a transient event.

You are strongly encouraged to install a Surge Protection Solution on your computer. Many of its components are voltage-sensitive and can be damaged by a power surge very easily. Even with a Surge Protection Solution, there is always the possibility that a power surge could pose a serious risk to these devices.

Computers and other electronic devices are protected from power surges and most distant lightning strikes by surge protectors, but they may be damaged by direct lightning strikes.

Are whole house surge protectors effective? Of course! By instantly blocking surges from entering circuits, surge suppressors provide comprehensive lightning protection. Plug-in suppressors cannot protect hard-wired electronics, since they are not plugged in.

Neither surge protectors nor surge suppressors are guaranteed for life. Surge protectors usually last between three and five years, according to most estimates. When your home is prone to frequent brownouts or blackouts, you may want to replace your surge protectors every two years.

Generally, surge protectors don’t consume any energy. In the event of extra voltage, they absorb it and monitor the electricity flowing into the protected appliances.

We are happy to help you with your lightning protection system, whether it is new or existing. Please click here for more information.

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