Thatch Roof Lightning Protection

Steel wire structures are used to construct thatch roofs. These wire structures are looped around the roof area at different heights to secure and strengthen the bundles of thatch in place. Although this is a great method, there is more to consider: Thatch Roof Lightning Protection. These roofs with steel wire constructions are extremely hazardous and easy passages for lightning to travel through. Without a Thatch Roof Lightning Protection, they act as an unwanted conductor, causing serious damage to both the structure and the items surrounding it. In more serious cases they could cause death. Thatch Roof Lightning Protection are essential for thatch roofs in order to eliminate risk of damage to your property.

It is quite common for South African roofs to have limpets and thatch, but if they are not properly protected from lightning, they are much more likely to catch on fire due to an inexplicable lightning strike. You are not adequately protected against lightning damage due to the fact that it can be difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to get insured.

When lightning strikes a thatch roof, the energy flows through the steel wire structure, producing a large amount of heat that can set the roof ablaze! Lightning conductors installed on Thatch roofs can prevent this type of damage. It is possible for lightning to cause devastating damage to structures that are unprotected by appropriate Lightning Protection Conductors, including injury and even death in severe cases. Lightning conductors installed properly on Thatch roofs will prevent these disasters and ensure that you won’t suffer any damage from lightning, so that you can rest assured that you’re protected.

Lighting protection systems (LPS) are considered to be the most effective method of protecting thatched structures against damage caused by lightning.  In order to maximize benefit from the structure’s electrically conductive components, the LPS design and location should be carefully planned. By utilizing the correct system for your property, you can increase the overall effectiveness of the LPS at a minimum cost and effort. When it comes to new buildings, it is vital that LPS Lightning Protection Company communicates regularly with architects and builders to achieve the best possible outcome and to ensure maximum safety.

We will make every effort to ensure that any lightning protection that is being added to an existing structure conforms to the SANS standards. In the design of the type and placement of the LP, the existing structural features and design will be taken into consideration.

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