Yes we need surge protection

Yes, we need surge protection and here are some reasons why. Surges is something we all run into whether it is caused by lightning strikes, transformer malfunctions or the Eskom flipping the switch on you unexpectedly, there all cause surges to occur. Many devices have sensitive electronic component like computers, consoles, televisions and even bigger appliances which is a good argument that you need surge protection.

Surge protective devices (SPDs) protect sensitive electrical equipment from harmful surges. Surges are a natural result of any electrical activity.

Can you buy a cheap surge protection at an electronic store? The simple answer is no. Those bargain priced surge protectors in most cases are not of good quality and cannot really protect your equipment from light power surges, you need surge protection that is designed and tested to withstand large surges in order to really be protected. The best advice would be to contact a company that specialises in both lightning and surge protection to provide you with a solution that will keep your equipment safe. All surge protectors are not designed and build the same, and a lot of manufacturers aren’t fully transparent about how helpful their devices may be in the event of a lightning strike or power surge.

Good quality, standard surge protectors work by diverting that extra electricity away from your machines, and they can save your sensitive electronics. This will save you a lot in the long term by not having to replace your equipment due to damages caused by power surges. If you have any important data on your systems you really do need surge protection. Replacing the computer might be an inconvenience but the data in most cases are lost. And even if the surges do not break your devices immediately, over time with the repetitive power surges the damages will be quite obvious.

Even if there was no load shedding, you need surge protection. Lightning and other technical factors can also cause the grid to become unstable without warning.

There really is no reason not to get a surge protector. The main question is not really if you need surge protection, the question is in the worst case scenario if you can afford to not be protected and possible suffer the loss of damaged and data los…

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