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About Us

LIGHTNING KING services has 20 years in the manufacturing and installations of lightning conductors for:

  • Thatch roofs, guest houses, lodges, game farms and all types of structures.
  • Installation of non-isolated air-termination systems for houses and buildings: in other words, roof conductors that is installed on the ridges of the roof and connected to the down conductors.

Refer to the LIGHTNING KING video clip which will explain the whole theory.

  • Our priority is to satisfy our clients with the highest standard products.
  • Type A and level three arrangement will apply to Thatch structures according to the SANS 10313:2018
  • Protection shall be arranged by one or more free standing masts.
  • We also install surge protection for sensitive equipment in homes, factories and office buildings.
  • We also supply COC’s for electrical installations.

SANS 10313:2018 certificate of compliance for lightning conductor installations will be issued. Our certifications are accepted by all insurance companies in South Africa.

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