Earthing and bonding of masts

  • All free- standing masts shall be earthed according to the SANS standard.
  • All earth resistance tests for Lightning Conductors and Non-isolated air-termination shall be less than 10ohms.
  • For earth electrodes in rocky soil, these requirements of 10ohms are not applicable.
  • Where Thatch roofs are reinforced or covered by means of steel mesh, Harvey tiles or similar conductive materials, on thatch roofs must be connected to the down-conductor.
  • We do maintenance, repairs and install extra earthing for existing free standing lightning conductors.
  • Crow-foot type earthing and earth mats.
  • The earth and other considerations shall be inspected and tested on an annual basis.
  • And in some areas where severe weather changes and extreme weather conditions
  • Occur it is advisable to inspect the systems more often
  • A lightning mast will provide protection to Thatch roof and all types of structures.
  • But will not protect electrical and sensitive equipment within the structure.
  • Surge protection will be required to protect these items.

Our certification are accepted by all insurance companies in South Africa.

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