Power On Delay Surge Protection

Power On Delay Surge Protection can help protect you with the ever present rotating brownouts and load shedding are a way of life for most South Africans, not only during cold winter months, but also as a result of high electricity demand and a lack of supply from the grid.

We have all come up with different strategies to cope with the lack of electricity – chilling at the mall, buying battery-powered equipment, and charging our power banks – all that and life keeps on going. Apart from the inconvenience that these unstable grid and load shedding cause us, did you also know they cause extensive damage your equipment and appliances in the long term? Power on delay surge protection help to reduce the risk of having your devices connected while the power grid is still unstable.

Power is restored after a load shedding, and we all rejoice! As power is restored, power surges and voltage fluctuations are remarkably common. The power grid are trying to adjust to the sudden influx of power. An imbalance of this type lasts between a few seconds and a few minutes, and can result in significant damage to your appliance during this period if you do not have a power on delay surge protection solution in place. When there is an immediate brownout, the energy can be unstable. Occasionally, the voltage can be too high or too low. Voltage can cause a power surge when it is too high and power sags when it is too low. They both pose a threat to your appliances and devices connected to the power grid.

In the case where Power on Delay surge protection is installed, the electrical connection will be delayed for 3-5 minutes until the power supply stabilizes. As a result, your appliance is protected from the expected unstable voltage surge, which, in turn, ensures your appliance’s continued safety and performance.

Proper surge protection will eliminate the need to manually unplug your connected appliances during a brownout, then plug it back in as soon as the electricity returns. The process is automatic!

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Power On Delay Surge Protection. Lightning King South Africa
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