Protection for sensitive equipment from surges and lightning strikes

Most appliances running on alternating current can handle momentary voltage, but surges beyond that point causes serious damage. Lightning strikes on power lines can send a surge of electricity though the power lines and into your sensitive equipment if you do not have the appropriate protection for equipment from these power surges.

You plug this device into a grounded electrical outlet and plug your appliance into a proper surge protector. The protector diverts power surges to the ground connection so they don’t reach your devices which is the main reason to install protection for sensitive equipment from power spikes.

Some surge protectors also offer protection for phone and data cable lines. Lightning-induced voltage surges can travel up telecommunication lines and cause damage to the devices and equipment connected to them. Protection for sensitive equipment from surges should not only be able to divert the oversupply, but should also work on a time delay to ensure that your devices get stable power after the event of a blackout or load shedding.

We have a custom solution for each house, building and business to supply the best possible protection for sensitive equipment from surges and lightning strikes. These whole house solutions protect the home electrical system. Install a proper whole house surge protection system to protect your entire house from voltage surges. Like plug-in protectors, these devices divert excess voltage to ground. They can work together with point-of-use protectors to double the level of surge protection.

Avoid using unprotected power strips, which do nothing to protect connected equipment from surges, and lightning strikes. Make use of proper surge protectors instead, it is much safer and will save you a lot of money by avoiding the need to replace burned out equipment. Connect all sensitive electronic equipment through reliable protection for sensitive equipment from surges.

These protectors must be installed by a qualified professional to ensure it meets with the correct standards and are safe to use once the Protection for equipment from surges and lightning strikes are installed.

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