Should you invest in surge protectors?

To invest in surge protectors is a good idea for any household. There is no set amount that you will need. Stormy weather places you at high risk for power surges, so if you live in an area with frequent thunderstorms, you might experience them more often. Load-shedding means even those in non-lightning storm areas can benefit from the added protection provided when you invest in surge protectors for your property. Because most surge protectors are quite an affordable solution (and should be replaced regularly anyway), they are worth getting a spare just in case.

Buying extra plug outlets is the golden rule when you to invest in surge protectors. In the future, you will always need more power outlets, so it is better to get more than you need for now. Invest in surge protectors with a 6-plug outlet setup if you need four plug points, for instance. In addition to the surge protector, be sure to invest in surge protectors with enough space to accommodate big plugs. Look for surge protectors that have wider socket distances between them, or sockets that are adjustable so they fit the big bulky plugs.

After a few power surges, there is no way to tell ‘how much protection’ is left or how efficiently a surge protector is working, but certain surge protectors will give you a warning or turn off when their protection falls below a safe level. According to most joule measurements, your gear can withstand multiple large surges, or one large surge and several small ones before they become hazardous. Protection in surge protectors is measured in joules, and the greater the joules, the higher the level of protection. Over the course of a few years, a surge protector will probably need to be replaced. It wears down over time and loses its effectiveness. When you invest in surge protectors, it is always a good idea to have a professional check your setup as a maintenance measure to ensure that you have optimum protection at all time.

There is a great deal of difference between power strips and surge protectors. Surge protectors, in contrast to power strips, are not merely multi-outlet plug strips that add a few outlets to a wall outlet, they also protect against power spikes. Even though most power strips come with some sort of circuit breaker (on/off switch), they do not provide any real “protection” from electrical issues and need to be plugged directly into the wall. The fact is that not every surge protector is the same, and while most protect against power spikes, how well and how much they can do varies greatly.

It’s inevitable that you’ll need a surge protector eventually if you’re looking to protect your appliances from Eskom’s daily incompetence. Unlike a power strip, a surge protector will protect your expensive electronics from damaging power spikes during load-shedding periods. It can be tricky to find a surge protector that meets your needs. This should cover the basic essentials that you need to know before you invest in surge protectors in South Africa.

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